22nd Sep 2019: Hair Evo Jam
POSTED 05, December, 2019
BY Vaal & Vaal

VaalASPIRE Presents: HairEVO

“The hair jams of all hair jams!” – BarberEVO magazine


Vaal & Vaal, BarberEVO magazine and acclaimed international photographer S-ENCE have partnered together to host the inaugural HairEVO Jam – the first time the industry’s finest barbers, stylists and brands from New York, Las Vegas, Ireland and the UK will be gathered together on UK soil. Sponsored by Barber Evo magazine, event partners included Squire Technologies, Fab hair products, Etch, Bear Grooming, NeoCape, Babyliss, Kenchi Blade, Legend for Hair, Immortal NYC, Elevate Male Grooming and Osmo.

In attendance on the day and hosting their own sessions will be some of the barber industry’s biggest names including Alan Beak, Cal Newsome and Simon Ghost – to name but a few!