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Our membership process exists because we wanted to create a place where you could have the possibility of meeting people who share a journey and mindset similar to each other

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The Makers
Harper Gill


Harper Gill, the driving force behind Vaal & Vaal, is a visionary with an exceptional ability to spot small details that make a big impact. With a keen eye for strategy and creativity, she bring forth innovative ideas that shape the direction of the company. This dedication to attention to detail ensures that every aspect of Vaal & Vaal's operations is finely tuned for success.

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Raps Gill


Raps Gill is the technical backbone and level-headed leader behind Vaal & Vaal. Known for his ability to execute ideas flawlessly, he oversees the technical aspects of the company with precision. His steady demeanor and hands-on approach ensure smooth operations and effective management of the team. With a focus on execution and staff oversight, he ensures that Vaal & Vaal operates at its best in every endeavor.

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Our events programme is delivered under our sub brands.

VaalAspire are panel style talks featuring international entrepreneurs, top CEO's and leading professionals. The events are ideal for those who want to learn, elevate and connect through there love for all things career and business.

The VaalWomen programme aims to build a female network who flourish by connecting to those that understand each other the most.

Our VaalSocial events feature comedy, private movie screenings, exclusive supper clubs with guest chef's and even yoga and wellness classes!

In addition to all of this, members and non-members can hire our spaces to host that 'party with a difference'.

All of these elements work together to create a broad, inclusive platform where exciting things happen between an aspirational group of individuals.

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