POSTED 27, July, 2021
BY Vaal & Vaal

Vaal & Vaal have teamed up with Showfighter and Goldstar Promotions to deliver our first show stopping event of the season – ‘The Truth with John Fury’ – an up close and raw look into the life of the former professional fighter, iconic bare-knuckle fighter and gangland enforcer.

Telling it like it is, John will shed light on his rise to sporting stardom, his trials and tribulations along the way, and his experience of being the head of a boxing dynasty – as father of two time heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, as well as professional boxer and now reality TV star Tommy Fury.

An evening set apart from what John has ever done before, guests will be up close and personal hearing (not suitable for TV) stories first hand to the back drop of our signature cocktails and lively atmosphere.The tales, the fights, the opinions…. THE TRUTH!Tickets and event information via

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