Membership to the Club is by invitation or enquiry. Membership is open and must be applied for via the online application form. It is preferred that applicants have a referral from an existing member, however it is not essential. Prospective members will be invited to meet with the Membership Manager. They will be shown around the Club and the rules will be discussed. A decision will be made once the application form has been duly completed. Once membership has been approved, a card will be issued along with a copy of the Club Rules.


Prospective Members must be 18 years at the time of application. Any guests under the age of 18 years old will not be granted entry into the Club due to licensing restrictions.

Club Access

Upon entry all Members are required to present his or her membership card, or present proof of ID for verification at front desk.


It is strongly advised that Members inform front desk in advance of arrival of any guest(s) they wish to host within the Club area. During off-peak hours Members may be able to bring along a guest and submit his/her name at front desk (again submitting names prior to arrival is advised). All guests must be accompanied by a Member at all times. If a Member leaves the Club, their guests must leave with them. Members are responsible for their guests conduct and all must abide by the Club Rules, failure to do so will put your membership into review.


The Manager on duty may refuse entry to any Member and their guest to the Club at their absolute discretion.


The Club has a zero tolerance for any inappropriate, offensive, harmful or disrespectful behaviour presented towards any member of staff, fellow Member or guest. Any behaviour to the contrary should be reported to a member of staff at the earliest opportunity. Behaviour of this nature will likely result in immediate removal of said Member/guest and a further review of the membership.


Members introducing guests are wholly responsible for their conduct. Any behaviour to the contrary of Club Rules will likely result in the removal of said guest and the host member.


The following acts are strictly prohibited on the Club premises and Members/guests will be immediately expelled from the premises; be subject to an instant membership ban; and where required will be reported to authorities if they are believed to be involved in:

  • Gambling
  • Smoking (including vaping) on the Club premises
  • Violent, harmful or abusive behaviour
  • Carrying, consuming or seeking to sell any illegal substances on (or around) the premises


Please note no outside food or drink shall be allowed in or may be consumed at the Club.

Dress Code

We expect members to dress appropriately and accordingly within the ethos of the club. Individualism and personal style is encouraged. The Dress code for the bar is smart casual at all times.   We request that our Members and their guests refrain from wearing the following after 5pm on Friday’s, Saturdays and events listed with a specific dress code:  

Sportswear / gym wear
Sportswear / gym wear
Hats, caps or hoodies
Hats, caps or hoodies
Flip-flops / casual sandals
Flip-flops / casual sandals

Members are required to leave all large coats and large bags in the cloakroom whilst they are in the Club. All such items must be reclaimed on the same day and may not be left overnight.

Personal Items
The club will not be liable for any loss or damage to personal items except prescribed by law. Lost property found by staff or members will be stored within the Club for 14 days, after which it will be disposed of or donated to charity.
Settling Bills
All bills for products and services incurred by Members and their guests are to be settled on the same day before leaving the premises. Members are liable for settling any outstanding payments on behalf of their guests.
Reserve the rights

The club reserves the right to change any of the terms & conditions, entry, dress code, rules or even terminate memberships at any given time.


A fee may be introduced at any given time, however, a fair amount of notice will be given.