Our membership process exists because we wanted to create a place where you could have the possibility of meeting people who share a journey and mindset similar to each other
Members only
Some of the benefits of being a member include; *access to our members lounge & bar, *access for up to 3 guests, *invites and priority to our events throughout the year, *hire our space for your corporate or private events and functions, *use of our studio and workshop space... and much more
Becoming a member
To become a member at Vaal & Vaal, simply fill out the membership form.  Our membership criteria doesn't rely on wealth and status, but it does require an aspirational mindset.  Once you have completed your application, this will then be reviewed by our memberships team.  Once approved you will receive an email to let you know that your membership card is on its way!  Please note that only a limited number of memberships can be accepted each month so please excuse us for any delays in getting back to your enquiry. You will be asked to present your card when attempting to use any of our members only spaces. If you have any questions about any part of our process or are having problems completing an application please contact our memberships team via email on memberships@vaalandvaal.co.uk
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